Owner & Executive Chef

"I love eating and feeding people food that tastes great! I have loved cooking ever since I can remember. Being in the kitchen gives me indescribable peace. I remember being in the kitchen at the age of 12, fascinated with what my mother was preparing to cook. By the way, my mother is an excellent cook-- and I'm not saying that just because she's my mother. I call her the "Food Herb Queen" because her use of herbs in her dishes is very unique and HEAVY. My cuisines are definitely a reflection of her superior dishes and more!


My cooking style is southern-based with an international twist. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time preparing Caribbean and Asian cuisines and have fallen in love with their many flavors. I remember begging my mom to start a catering business because I wanted her to share her talent with everyone. She hasn't yet, so I made a move!


I've always dreamed of sharing great food with people as a business but never saw it as being a reality. The reality is here and I am more than ready to share my divine creations with the world!!"


- Miya

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